Nepean triathlon retrospective – 1982

In the lead up to the 30th anniversary of Nepean Triathlon we are taking a look back at each year in this colourful history of the event and indeed the evolution of triathlon in Australia.


February 1982 saw a group of mates (after seeing the Hawaii Ironman’s TV coverage) put on the first Triathlon in Sydney’s west. There had been events held before in Australia (1981 Elouera endurathon), but the Nepean event was to continue on.

The event was held in the Nepean River with no bike racks and a ‘handler’ essential to hold your gear and bike. The race winner over the distance of 800m swim, 40km cycle and steep 14km run was a 34 year old, Greg Reddan.  Greg was to go onto set the standard in triathlon becoming the first Aussie to crack the top ten in the Hawaii Ironman in 1982 (7th).

Greg went on to devote his life to fitness, teaching for 39 years in Physical Education and has released numerous papers and articles directly related to his triathlon background and still competes today.

The 1982 women’s champ was Gabrielle Howard, who after a couple of years in the sport stepped away.

1982 Men’s winner: Greg Reddan

1982 woman’s winner: Gabrielle Howard

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