Nepean triathlon retrospective – 1985

In 1985 triathlon was taking gaining further popularity. This was the first year ‘toaster’ bike racks were introduced. the other change was the the removal of ‘heartbreak hill’ a 1km dirt fire trail which went straight up the blue mountains escarpment. This was taken out of the 14km run leg due to safety concerns.

Race champions for 1985 were Stuart McNeil and Annette Dwyer. Stu still has the race record for the oldest ever champion (in his late 30′s when he won). As a school teacher who was always young at heart Stu kept picking up prizemoney against those half his age for the next couple of seasons.

Annette was and still is an outstanding runner who went onto to win back to back Nepean titles (85/86). Annette then focused on her running finishing in the top 5 of the Australian track 3k & 10k titles. Not to mention picking up numerous wins and places on the road circuit (even in the US). Annette has stayed quite involved with multi sports though, placing 4th in her age in the world duathlon titles in 2005.

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