Win back your race entry fee and compete in the race quiz!

The local race sponsors, Billy Baxter’s Coffee House, Glenmore Park Plumbing, the Chifley Hotel, Penrith Anglican College, Panther Cycles, Nepean Aquatic Centre and Dukes Real Estate have purchased 5 race entries to be drawn from competitors that correctly answer the following seven questions.

  1. What is the telephone number for Glenmore Park Plumbing and Drainage?
  2. Where is the Billy Baxter’s Coffee House at Penrith?
  3. What College sponsors the Saturday Nepean Enticer races?
  4. Which cycle shop is well known as the home of Triathlon in Penrith?
  5. What is the special Nepean Triathlon Saturday night accommodation rate at the Chifley Hotel, Penrith Panthers?
  6. Where are the offices of Dukes Real Estate?
  7. Which current Australian Swimming Team member is featured in the 6m x 2.5m photo at the end of the two 50m lanes at Nepean Aquatic Centre?

Email your answers, name and contact details to This quiz will close at midnight on 31 October and the winning five entries will have their entry fee refunded. Dave Richardson from Panther Cycles will carry out the draw and winners will be contacted and advised on the race website.

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