Race day instructions – Penrith Valley Nepean Triathlon

The Penrith Valley Nepean Triathlon commence at 7am Sunday 13 November 2011 at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Castlereagh Road Penrith.

Please note that the entry road into the race course, Castlereagh Road, is shut by police to all traffic from 6:30am and all cars have to be in the Regatta Centre by this time. Entry is available after 6.45am from Cranebrook Road for spectators although you will need to park inside that entrance at the Whitewater Stadium and walk into to the race site.

Registration is held behind the main grandstand, opens at 5:30am and you will receive:

  • ·        An envelope with your name, category etc.
  • ·        a chest number that is compulsory to be worn during the cycle and run legs, optional in the swim.
  • ·        a computer timing chip to be worn on your left ankle.
  • ·        A bike security tag to place on your bike.
  • ·        A printed swim cap with you race start determined by the cap colour.


Please note that if are at the Nepean Enticer races, you can also pick your Nepean race pack up from Registration on Saturday afternoon, 12 November, from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.


Once you receive your registration envelope, please take your envelope to the marking officials also in the registration area who will put your race number on your right arm and the first age in your age category on your calf – if you are aged 43 and are in the 40-44 age group, you will have the number 40 on your calf.


Please check that your race number is identical to the number on your address label and that you have the correct colour swim cap for your wave start.  Please inform registration of any discrepancies immediately.


When preparing to enter the bike compound, please have you helmet on and fastened, your computer chip on your left ankle, your bike security tag on your bike for inspection by the Technical Officials.


Ladies Wave – Please note that there will be a separate area in the bike compound for the female competitors. This female section of the bike compound will be cleared at 6:45am to ensure all the ladies are at the swim start and ready for the race briefing prior to the 7am start.


Male Wave – The Male competitor section of the bike compound will be closed and cleared at 7am. The first two male waves, Men 29 and under (including all Pro men) and Men 50 and over Male are to be at the swim start by 7:05am to await their briefing and race start and the other male waves will follow these waves.


Compulsory Race Briefing – All race briefings will be held at each race start. The swim start will start from 650 metres up the lake from the grandstand. It is the responsibility of all competitors to be at the swim start in time for their race start with the first wave commencing at 7am. Once the race has started, all competitors awaiting their swim start and spectators are to keep the road clear as the bike leg comes through this area.


Course Maps – please see revised course maps. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the race course.


Swim leg

All swimmers must be behind the start line or the start will be delayed and a shrill whistle blast will start each leg. Should you get into difficulty during the swim move to the shore or raise your arm for attention. The swim course is straight down the lake around the large orange buoy (keep it on your right) and exit at the boat ramp.


Bike leg

On the bike, normal road rules apply and keep to the left unless overtaking. Competitors are to keep their same position in the bike racks throughout the race.



Please see attached diagram that sets out the course for the end of the first cycle lap and also the finish of the cycle leg. Just after you re-enter the Regatta Centre on the bike leg, you will keep in the left lane if you are finishing your first lap on the bike and continuing on the bike course for your second lap. If you are completing your second lap and therefore finishing the bike leg, you will move into the right lane which will take you back to the bike dismount line. Extreme caution is required and should you enter the incorrect lane, DO NOT  attempt to move to the correct lane without ensuring that it is safe to do so.


Run leg

The run course is two laps of the main Olympic lake with the finish in front of the grandstand. Please note that there is one change to the previous Nepean run course – at the end of the first lap of the run you will be directed to turn right towards the bike compound to complete a loop before joining those competitors starting their first lap. Just before this merge you will be handed an arm band which you must have on to finish the run.  There will be a three drink stops on each lap of the run course (making six stops in total) and Endura and water stations in the recovery area.


Your safety

There will be first aid officials in place and two ambulances from the NSW Government Ambulance Service in place, one in the start/finish area and one at the entrance to the Regatta Centre. If you have been ill or have developed a medical issue leading up to the races it is strongly advised that you do not participate. You are reminded of your acceptance of entry conditions, waiver release and indemnification and please note this is a legal part of the form and affects your rights.



The presentation ceremony in the main grandstand will be held shortly after the last person finishes and there will be many lucky draw awards including a bike from Panther Cycles.



Chip timing bands will be used for timing. On race morning you will be issued with a computer timing band in your registration envelope which is to be put on your left ankle. The chip timing band is your responsibility until it is taken off you at the finish. If you withdraw from the race after receiving the band please ensure the band is handed in to the timing staff on the finish line. Please ensure the band is not lost as you will be charged a $30 replacement cost if lost as detailed on the race entry form. Your category number shown on page 1 will also be written onto your left calf.  Officials will be available from 6am to write on category and race numbers . Please have your registration envelope to assist the numbering team.



Please have your bike sticker on your bike handlebar stem before you enter bike compound. To get your bike out of the compound after race you must have your race number so officials can check that it matches your bike sticker number.


BROOKS, PANTHER CYCLES, CONTINENTAL, GROMMET CLOTHING will have sale outlets on the day with some huge Christmas specials.


Ample parking on the day will be provided within the Regatta Centre. Parking will be free of charge and parking officials will be in attendance.  Hot food and refreshment outlets will be available .


Security will control bike compounds. Do not attempt to enter compounds without race number as you will be refused admittance.


Triathlon NSW Technical Officials will be present on the day – Drafting on the cycle is not permitted and this rule will be enforced. A Penalty Box will be situated just after you re-enter the Regatta Centre on the bike leg where you must go if you receive a yellow card from a Technical Official.



At the end of the first lap of the two lap run you will be handed an armband which you must have with you when you finish the second lap. Your number will also be taken at the far end of the run course.


TEAMS – There will be a Teams Section in the bike compound where the cyclist and runner will be for each changeover. The race number and timing chip band are the team batons and must be handed to the next team member at the end of each section of the race. Each team member will receive a Cooldry finishers shirt.



Mechanics and spare parts will be provided on race day in the Panthers Cycles tent.

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