Endura hydration formula to be used at drink stations

Endura is the on-course rehydration formula being used at this year’s Nepean Triathlon. Endura will be available at drink stops 1 & 4 on the run leg and also at the finish.

Long term Nepean Triathlon sponsor Endura is looking forward to keeping you hydrated on race day and helping you to cross the finish line faster. Endura will be using the Lemon/Lime Magnesium Rehydration Formula.

As the sports nutrition experts, Endura recommend that you don’t try anything new for the first time on race day and train with your sports nutrition in mind so you know what best suits your body’s requirements come race day.

So remember to include Endura Sports Nutrition in your training regimen. For more information on Endura Sports Nutrition visit www.endura.com.au or find them on Facebook.

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