Western Sydney Sports Medicine joins Nepean

Entry fees to Nepean are some of the lowest in the country and this is because of our sponsors, many of them local businesses. Which is why we are happy to give them some air time here, particularly if they will help your triathlon performance! It will also help us keep entry fees down.

Western Sydney Sports Medicine Centre was established in Penrith with the vision of providing the people of Western Sydney with their very own innovative, purpose built facility that provides all facets of sports medicine in one location. Western Sydney Sports Medicine Centre utilises the latest technology to assess, diagnose and treat athletes and patients of all sporting levels.

Using assessment techniques such as Global Profiling, they can formulate customised treatment plans that are specific to each individual athlete, allowing them to gain peak performance outcomes. Through integrating the latest advances in medical technology with current clinical evidence based treatment methods, the objective is to return athletes of all levels back to activity as quickly as possible.

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