New Cycle course for 2015

A new course for 2015. After feedback on previous years course we’ve combined the use of a few corners, combined with a few long straight sections. You will not only pass around the 2000 Olympic rowing course but also pass by the white water course. The course then turns at the northern end just past the historic Castlereagh Council chambers (one of the first 5 Macquarie towns) and turns around at the southern end opposite one of Australia’s oldest churches.

Detailed course description

Start with a clockwise lap of the rowing lake, turn left onto old Castlereagh Rd (out of gate A), left at roundabout onto Castlereagh Rd, left into white water centre and complete and out and back section. Then left from white water centre back onto Castlereagh Rd and head north to Castlereagh (about 7kms). Turn around opposite Hinxman Rd and head south to roundabout at Andrews Rd. Turn right and head east past Gate A to a point near the old church, turn around and head back to gate A and enter back into the Regatta centre to transition.

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