Professionals prize purse for 2017

The Nepean Triathlon Committee is proud to announce a professional prize purse of up to $26,000 encompassing:

Place getters for male and female Pro races:

  • 1st $4000
  • 2nd $2500
  • 3rd $1750
  • 4th $1000
  • 5th $750
  • *6th $500
  • *7th $250
  • Overall handicap winner $1500 (see prizes page for details)

Leg Primes-Paid to the fastest male and female split for each leg:

  • Fastest Swim $500
  • Fastest Bike leg $500
  • Fastest Run Leg $500

nb. Primes are for the fastest split for the male and female category’s for each individual leg.

* 6th and 7th places will only be paid if 10 or more athletes from this category finish the race

For pro’s traveling from afar, please contact us regarding the possibility of some accommodation at We will help out where we can.

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