Message from the New Race Director


People have been asking me for several weeks to write a bit of an introduction. I must admit that I have found it hard to sit down and type about myself but here it goes.

I’m honoured to be the next custodian of the Nepean Triathlon and thank Long term Race organisers, Warwick Brennan, Gordon Bell, Steve Payne and Jenni Payne who have handed over the reigns, but kindly stuck around to help me get through this first year. It will be great to see them all on the start line in 2018 having all given between 10-25 years to running the race.

I was introduced to triathlon as a competitor about 12 years ago. Having manned an aid station on the old course as a junior cricketer for emu plains cricket club in the 90’s, I grew up wanting to do this race. I’ve only missed one in the last 10 years after the birth of twin girls 2 years ago. I still remember my first Nepean, the camaraderie in training with some of my best mates and racing them on the day. I know for a huge chunk of the field, the Nepean will be their ‘A race’ for the season, maybe their first triathlon even. It is easy to take for granted the fact that this race is the oldest triathlon in Australia and one of the countries most iconic triathlon events. You only have to look at the list of former winners. There are not many ‘names’ missing!

For those first timers, be warned-This race has proven the gateway to longer races for many. Having done five iron distance races since my first Nepean, I still remember how ridiculous it seemed to call a race a ‘sprint’, when it had a ‘massive’ 750m swim.

Having been president of Panthers Tri Club for 3 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to see things from behind the scenes but still remain in awe at the scaling and costings of this event. Please know (and remember) that this event is a not-for-profit, community run event. All people organising the weekend are volunteers and are doing this on top of full time jobs. The event this year has attracted over sixty thousand dollars in community based sponsorship and a government grant. It’s only because of this, that we are able to keep the race as affordable as it is. Please have a good look at the sponsors list and make sure that you support them with your custom, wherever possible.

Please be patient with me this year and forgive me if I make an error somewhere. Drop me an email and give me some constructive feedback after the race. If I have stuffed up somehow and can fix it, I will. I’ve had many sleepless nights over things like quantities and sizings for the event shirts. I know how ripped off you can feel when you get an ordinary size. What I never appreciated before, was that the shirt had to be ordered 20 weeks before I had even entered the race. Like everyone, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on sizing this year. Preference will be given to those who entered earliest. Maybe people can take this into consideration next year and enter early, reducing the game of semi-educated calculations.

Please ensure that everyone is thankful and respectful towards the large group of volunteers that will run the weekend. Know that collectively, several hundred hours of preparation are going into a race for people that will last somewhere between 30 and 180minutes, depending on the distance they are completing.

Enjoy your last 3 weeks of preparation. I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable race and thank you for your support for this year’s Nepean Triathlon Weekend.


Chris Joseph
Nepean Triathlon Race Director


Joey (left) with Dave Orlowski (Ironman Legend). Nepean Transition 2014

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