Where is the Nepean Triathlon held?

The Nepean Triathlon is held at the International Regatta Centre in Penrith, NSW. Penrith is a major city located in the Sydney basin approximately 50 km west of the Sydney CBD. It can be easily reached by train (approximately 1 hour) or by car on the M4 motorway.

What is the climate like at the event time of year? What are the average water temperatures?
Spring is a relatively dry period for Penrith with the air temperature usually between 20-30 degrees during October although extremes to this can be experienced. Water temperature has averaged 22 degrees on our October race date.

Where is the best place to stay for the event?
The best place to stay for the event is at The Mercure Hotel, Penrith Panthers. All our invited elite triathletes stay at The Mecure.

Are wetsuits allowed for the swim?
Triathlon Australia ruling for all age group categories is for wetsuits to be optional if the water temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius (refer to page 7 of the TA race competition rules). Triathlon NSW Technical Officials will check the water temperature before the race and advise if wetsuits are allowed. Please note it is not a requirement to wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is below 24 degrees Celsius.

How do I enter?
All entries are conducted online via the event Entry Page.

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
No. All registered entries are non-transferable.

What are the 2018 entry fees?
View all Entry Fees on the Entry page

What is the Refund / Withdrawal Policy?
Applications for a refund will be considered on a case by case basis prior to October 1. Final decision on all refunds will be at the discretion of the race director and any entries refunded, will be less $50 for Nepean and $25 for the Saturday events. As all race infrastructure is put in place by 1 October, refunds are not available after this date for any reason. For refunds email nepeantriathlon@gmail.com

Is there a waitlist for the races if they are sold out?
No, events in the Nepean Triathlon weekend of Triathlon do not have a waitlist.

Where do I find the race rules and regulations?
Triathlon Race Competition Rules can be found under the in the Triathlon Australia and Triathlon NSW Technical tab http://www.triathlon.org.au/Technical/Race_Competition_Rules.htm

Do I have to be a member of Triathlon Australia or buy a one-day licence and what does that insurance cover?
It is not compulsory to join Triathlon Australia as a full member but this type of membership does provide full-year insurance cover 24/7 whilst training or competing as well as access to additional member benefits. A one-day membership – ‘ODRM’ is compulsory if you are not a full member of TA as this is part of the TA sanctioning requirements for the event and provides you with public liability insurance for the actual race. If you are not a member of Triathlon Australia, the option to purchase a one day license will be available when registering for the Nepean Triathlon online. (Note: Internationals cannot join TA as a full member and can only be provided with a ODRM and therefore should take out separate travel insurance).

Where can I find the Course Maps?
2018 Course Maps can be found under the Course tab.

How hilly is the bike terrain in the area?
The cycle is reasonably flat and has an excellent hotmix road surface for all races on the weekend.

Will there be kilometre indications on the Nepean Triathlon run course?
Kilometre indicators will be located every kilometre on the 10km run course.

Is there a cut-off time for the Nepean Triathlon
Competitors are to have finished the bike course by 9:30am and finished the event by 10:45am otherwise will be withdrawn from the course.

Can I use a mountain bike?
Mountain bikes are suitable in the Nepean Enticer Triathlons. While you are able to use a mountain bike in the Nepean Triathlon, it is not recommended due to the time restrictions. Triathlon Australia Technical Officials will carry out a visual inspection of your bike and helmet when you check into transition. It is essentially a visual check on obvious defects. It is not a certification of roadworthiness by Triathlon Australia Technical Officials or race officials that your bike and helmet meets any specific minimum criteria or a guarantee it will not break down during the race. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the mechanical and safe operation of your bike prior to and during the race.

What is a race belt?
A race belt means that you don’t have to place safety pins through your triathlon clothing. You simply attach your number to the race belt and then put the race belt around you. If you plan to use a race belt then it will be necessary to ensure the complete race number is displayed. It is compulsory to wear your race number during the run leg.

Can I race with an MP3, Ipod, or other music device?
No. The following items are prohibited from use or carriage on the bicycle and run legs (instant disqualification).

  • Headphones or headsets
  • Glass containers
  • Ipods or similar

Will there be event merchandise available to purchase?
Yes, a Nepean Triathlon trucker cap will be available for purchase at the event for $20.

How can I become a volunteer?
The most integral part of the Nepean Weekend of Triathlon is our marshals and volunteers that ensure the race runs successfully.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email nepeantriathlon@gmail.com

For further ‘infrequently’ asked questions, please email nepeantriathlon@gmail.com