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Penrith Anglican College

Kids Triathlon

Saturday 26 October 2019




Entry Details

Give you child their first taste of triathlon! A safe, fun and inclusive event to motivate kids to do their best.


The Nepean Kids Triathlon is for children aged 7-9 years old (as at 31 December 2019). For older kids, check out the Tweens Triathlon or the Nepean Enticer.

Important Information: Age is calculated as at 31 December 2019. An additional one-day licence fee of $5 applies if your child is not a member of Triathlon Australia.

Course Map

The course is well-designed and safe for kids with parents never far from the action.

Event Information (FAQs)

When is the Nepean Kids Triathlon held?

The Nepean Kids Triathlon starts from 4pm on Saturday 26 October 2019.

When do entries open?

Entries open on 15 February for the 2019 Nepean Kids Triathlon.

Is there an early-bird entry period?

Yes, an early bird entry period continues until 1 May. Prices then increase by $5

When do entries close?

Entries close on 24 October or until entries reach capacity. Entries for the Nepean Kids Triathlon always fill up well in advance of entries closing. We encourage people to enter early to avoid disappointment.

Do I have to be a member of Triathlon Australia to race?

It is not compulsory to join Triathlon Australia as a full member but this type of membership does provide full-year insurance cover 24/7 whilst training or competing as well as access to additional member benefits. A one-day race membership – ‘ODRM’ is compulsory if you are not a full member of TA as this is part of the TA sanctioning requirements for the event and provides you with public liability insurance for the actual race. If you are not a member of Triathlon Australia, the option to purchase a one day license will be available when registering for the Nepean Triathlon online. (Note: Internationals cannot join TA as a full member and can only be provided with a ODRM and therefore should take out separate travel insurance).

What does the one-day race license cover?

One-day race licenses DO NOT give competitors personal accident coverage. The public liability benefit contained therein benefits the race director only. Current members of Triathlon Australia are already covered so do not need to purchase a one-day race license.

What do I get as part of my entry to the event?

Apart from a well-run and affordable event in an awesome venue, all entrants will receive an event t-shirt, finishers medallion, downloadable finishers certificate and entry into the lucky draw prizes held at the presentation.

Can I get a refund of my entry if I withdraw?

Applications for a refund will be considered on a case by case basis prior to October 1 with the final decision on all refunds at the discretion of the race director. Please submit your request for a refund here. Refunded entries will be less $25. Refunds are not available after 1 October as all race infrastructure is put in place.

Is there a waitlist if entries are full?

We do not hold a waitlist for entrants after this event has sold out.

Where can I read the full race rules?

Triathlon Australia Race Rules will apply to this event.

Where is the Nepean Kids Triathlon held?

The Nepean Kids Triathlon is held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Castlereagh Road, Penrith.

When does the race start?

The Nepean Kids Triathlon starts at 4pm, Saturday 26 October. Competitors need to have visited registration and checked their bike into the bike compound prior to 3:50. Please allow at least 45 minutes from arrival at the Regatta Centre to walk to registration, pick up your race pack and check your bike in to the bike compound.

What parking is available?

Ample parking on the day will be provided within the Regatta Centre. Parking will be free of charge and parking officials will be in attendance.

Is food and drink available at the race venue?

Hot food, coffee and refreshments will be available at the Regatta café which will be open during the event.

When does registration open?

Registration for the races will be held at Panthers Penrith Leagues Club-TC’s Sports Bar (123 Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW 2750) between 11am-3pm.

What is in the race pack and what do I do with it?

  • An envelope with your childs name, category etc.
  • A chest number that is compulsory to be worn during the cycle and run legs, optional in the swim.
  • A computer timing chip to be worn on their left ankle for the entire race.
  • A bike number to place on their bike.
  • A helmet sticker.
  • A event shirt.
  •  printed swim cap with their race start determined by the swim cap colour as shown below
Please check that the race number is identical to the number on the race pack and that you have the correct colour swim cap for your wave start. Please inform registration of any discrepancies immediately.
Once you receive the registration envelope, take your envelope to the arm marking officials in the registration area who will mark your childs right arm with their race number.

How do I get my event t-shirt?

As you receive your registration envelope you will also receive your race shirt and a sponsor’s pack.

Is there any other event merchandise for sale?

There is a limited amount of merchandise available to purchase (cash only on the day) including:
  • Event Towels $10 (see below image)
  • Nepean Tri Trucker Hat $15
  • Nepean tri Stubby Coolers $10

Where does the Nepean Kids Triathlon start from?

The swim start is 50m from the boat ramp which also forms the swim exit. The course runs close to the shore for safety reasons.

What is the timing for the swim wave starts?

There are two wave starts a boys wave and a girls wave which will start soon after each other.

Can I assist my child at the swim start?

One parent or guardian is able to assist their child in the water at the start

What if my child gets into difficulty on the swim?

Water safety personnel will be on hand to help any child who is having trouble. Your child is encouraged to swim to the shore or raise their hand if they get into difficulty.

Are wetsuits permitted in the Nepean Kids Triathlon?

The water temperature limit for the use of wetsuits is 22 degrees and a final water temperature reading will be taken by the Triathlon Australia Technical team 1 hour prior to race start and announced over the loudspeaker.

Is there a swim evacuation plan?

Yes, In an emergency it may be necessary to evacuate the swim course after the event has commenced. Prior to the commencement of the event, all competitors and event staff shall be advised that the continuous blowing of whistles or horns is the signal that an emergency evacuation is in progress, this will be explained at the race briefing and mentioned via the event commentator. The announcement/ briefing will alert all competitors must immediately leave the course and proceed to the nearest safe shore.

If an emergency evacuation is necessary, the following protocols shall be observed: In a slowly developing emergency situation, such as the approach of an electrical storm, or deteriorating water conditions, the Swim Director shall, prior to conditions becoming dangerous to competitors and event staff, direct water safety personnel to continuously blow whistles or sound horns, which is the signal for all swimmers to leave the course immediately and proceed to the nearest safe shore.

In a rapidly developing emergency situation, such as the unauthorised approach of a vessel water safety personnel are empowered to immediately and continuously blow whistles or sound horns, which is the signal for all swimmers to leave the course immediately and proceed to the nearest safe shore. There is no requirement to seek approval from the Swim Director for this.

IRB personnel shall respond to the emergency in accordance with their training, which may involve continuously patrolling the course. At the completion of the emergency, the Race Director shall consult with the Swim Director and the Triathlon Australia Technical Delegate to determine if the event shall be postponed or cancelled.

When do I put my child's bike in the transition area/bike compound?

The bike compound opens at 2:30pm and all competitors need to vacate the bike compound by 3:50pm. All bikes to be used in the event must be placed with the fenced transition and bike compound. When preparing to enter the bike compound, please ensure your child has their helmet on and is fastened, their computer chip is on their left ankle, their bike number is on their bike for inspection by the Technical Officials. Parents will receive an additional race bib so they can accompany their child into the bike compound.

The bike compound will be divided into three sections with a separate section in the racks for each Enticer race. Bike rack rows are clearly marked and your child should be aware of the row and position your bike is in to avoid confusion when they come out of the swim and off the bike. Competitors are to keep their same position in the bike racks throughout the race.

You will not be able to remove your childs bike from the bike compound until all Enticer races are completed – this is to ensure competitors that are still racing are not impeded by competitors attempting to remove their bike.

Is the cycle course traffic free?

Yes, the cycle leg takes place completely within the regatta centre which is closed to regular traffic during the race. However, a vehicle could inadvertently enter the bike course at any time. As such, all normal road rules apply at all times and cyclists should keep to the left. You must have your bike number sticker on your bike during the cycle leg – this rule will be officiated by the Technical officials.

Is drafting allowed on the cycle leg?

No, drafting on the cycle is not permitted and the draft distance is the standard 10 metres and will be enforced by Triathlon NSW Technical Officials present on the day.

Is there a bike mechanic at the event?

Panther Cycles will be available for any last-minute race day mechanical requirements and bike repairs.

When can I remove my child's bike from the transition area?

Your child’s bike can not be removed from the bike compound until Triathlon NSW officials open the bike racks following the last competitor of the Open Enticer finishing the cycle leg.

Are their drink stations on the run course?

There will be fruit, Endura and water stations in the recovery area but no drink stations on the run course itself given the course is quite short.

Can I wear ear phones on the run course?

No. For safety, the following items are prohibited from use on the bicycle and run legs.

  • Headphones or headsets
  • Glass containers
  • Phones or music players

When is the finisher's medallion issued?

The finisher’s medallion will be handed to each competitor when they cross the finish line.

When is the presentation held?

The presentation ceremony is held in the main grandstand shortly after the last competitor finishes the last Nepean Enticer event. (Around 6pm)

Are their lucky draw prizes?

Yes! There will be many lucky draw awards at the end of the presentation.

When will results be available?

Results will be accessible on the this website within a few hours of the race including a downloadable finishers certificate.

Are event photos available?

A number of photos will be posted to the Nepean Triathlon facebook page during and after the event. We will update this question if we obtain an official race photographer for 2019.

How do I notify officials of any medical condition or allergy?

Should you have any medical condition or allergy that medical officials should be aware of, please write this information in the space provided on the back of the official race number.

Event Goodie Pack

Still one of the best value for money events going around. Thanks to the support of our generous sponsors, each entrant walks away with a lots of free extras to commemorate their efforts.

2019 Finishers Shirt
2019 Finishers Medal
Entry in the Lucky Draws