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2004 Nepean Triathlon Winners Nick Hornman and Angie Sharp

Outright Victory Concept Introduced

Race organisers were faced with the cancelling of the event for the first time, as approval to close the  road for the cycle leg was withdrawn at the last minute. Negotiations were made to use less of the public road which allowed the event to proceed for this, the 23rd time.

The course changes actually work for the better with a criterion type cycle course created consisting of two 15km loops. Spectators also got to see more of the action as bikes whizzed passed the transition area onto the second lap.

To add something new, the outright handicap is introduced to challenge the men to chase down the women in the final stages of the run. It is hailed a success with a sprint finish in last 200 metres giving Nick Horman outright victory along with his back to back mens title. Angie Sharp from the Central Coast, although narrowly beaten for the outright victory, improved on her 5th place from the previous year to take the women’s title convincingly.